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Flame-retardant, Lead-free

Compound for Flame-retardant, Lead-free Cables & Wires

ProductsDensity, g/cm3
Shore Hardness    A, D 
Tensile Strength, Mpa
Elongation at break, %
Congo Red at 200°C, minutes 
Oxygen Index, %Typical standardsApplications
VNC 2975FR1.5888152304535IEC 60502: ST2Low smoke and HCl emission meeting IEC332_3 Cat.A
VNC 2924FR1.50901422010031IEC 60502: ST2UV resistance for outdoor applications with termite and vermin resistance properties, meeting IEC 60332_3 Cat C.
VNC 2950FR1.4889152007031Conforming to UL 444Sheathing for LAN cables, UL1581 section 1080, VW1, and IEC 60332_1.