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Compound for Cables & Wires
Standard grades -Lead free

ProductsDensity, g/cm3
ISO 1183
Shore Hardness A, D 
ISO 868
Tensile Strength, Mpa
IEC 811 1:1
Elongation at break, %
IEC 811 1:1
Congo Red at 200°C, minutes 
IEC 811 1:1
Typical standardsApplications
VNC 17111.39701333045BS 6746: TM2Soft grade for sheathing
VNC 17241.417211290100JIS K6723: Class 1Soft grade for sheathing with high glossy surface
VNC 18111.33831328090IEC 60502: PVC/ASheathing grade for immersion pump cables, 700C rating.
VNC 18121.33831328090Conforming to UL 83Insulation grade, 700C rating.
VNC 18061.47801427045BS 6746: TI1-TM1, TI2-TM2High performance grade for Insulation and sheathing cables, medium hardness
VNC 19081.388919320150BS 6746: TI1-TM1-Type 9: IEC 60502: ST2High performance grade for Insulation and sheathing cables, low density
VNC 19051.45821428090IEC 60502: ST1Sheathing grade
VNC 19231.37872328060BS 6746: TI1-TM1Insulation and sheathing grade easy processibility