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Compound for Medical, Food, Skin Contact, Toys, Nontoxic Grades

ProductsDensity, g/cm3
ISO 1183
Shore Hardness A,D
ISO 868
Tensile Strength, Mpa
IEC 811 1:1
Elongation at break, %
IEC 811 1:1
Congo Red at 200°C, minutes
IEC 811 3:2
VNC 06401.19641340030Compound for Cap seal for soft drinks
VNC 06411.25661828030Compound for Cap seal for soft drinks specially for Soya bean milk with high temperature sterilization
VNC 06021.1861720025Food approved compound for Cap seal ( Beer, carbonated soft drinks, fruit juice)
VNC 06011.17571147030Non toxic compound for injection molding of syringe gasket with high flexibility and elasticity
VNC 06501.19581045060Soft compound for injection molding applications, skin contact